OM Spa adheres to the most stringent hygiene standards and practices.

Sanitation is a major concern in our industry and therefore it is of utmost importance that our standards are in place for the health and safety of both our clients and our employees.

The following are just some of OM Spa’s policies and procedures:


Dual “Washing of Hands”
Before beginning each service, all OM Spa nail technicians disinfect their hands with our special
liquid sanitizer to help prevent the spread of common germs.

No Whirlpool Foot Baths
The Center for Disease Control issued guidelines against whirlpool foot baths in 2001 because they are a breeding ground for fortuitum (a microbacterium that causes boils on the legs). If the filters are not cleaned after each service, serious skin infections can develop. Why take the risk? At OM Spa we pamper your tootsies in a modern soaking bowls that are quick and easy to disinfect between customers … so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Metal Implements Sterilized
At OM Spa, steel implements are scrubbed, disinfected and sterilized in a bath of Isopropyl Alcohol. Our Nail Care Specialists each have their own set of implements that they use exclusively.

No Reusable Files
We never reuse anything that cannot be sterilized. At OM Spa, our nail files, and buffer blocks are only used once per client.

Ongoing Disinfecting of Sinks and Tabletops
Throughout the day, we wipe down sinks and tabletops with a special hospital-grade solution to remove debris, kill bacteria, and prevent the spread of germs. Your safety and comfort is our top priority.

Disposable linens and paper are used in all applicable treatments