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Roma M. Richmond Hill ON, 10/15/2014

I’ve been a regular client at OM Spa for about a year now and I’m very pleased. Yes, it’s cultural appropriation – after seeing my faith tattered on everything from yoghurts to bottled water I’ve accepted the reality. Now that that’s been said, I have partaken in a number of services here and feel very comfortable in my ability as a discerning spa client.

First of all, Om Spa is a boutique spa located in a yoga studio. Unlike other boutique salons they specialize in a wide variety of services and have specialists on staff for things like RMT Massage, IPL laser hair removal, and eyelash extensions. The ambiance is relaxing; there are 3 rooms for everything other than manicures and pedicures which are performed in the lobby area. The decor is minimal and surfaces and equipment are immaculate.

There are 3 staff members that keep me coming back for more; Rachel, Mark, and Emily. Rachel and Emily are complete perfectionists – they won’t complete a service unless everything is up to their (very) high standards. I’ve had a number of Pure + Simple facials here performed by both and I know I’m in great hands as they excel in their own ways. Rachel is highly resourceful and will point me to other treatments that would specifically suit my skin when asked for suggestions. Emily is very knowledgeable on skincare and she always gives me some wonderful suggestions during and after my treatments. I’ve had several facials in Yorkville and both, Rachel and Emily leave nothing to be desired. This sentiment extends to their nail and waxing services as well. I’ve never had a basic manicure last over 4 days and we’re easily on day 5 without a scratch nor a chip – thank you, Rachel!

Mark is a very knowledgeable massage therapist. If you are interested in meditation, Freemasons, and esoteric pursuits, he will keep you engaged. If for you the New Age is limited to Yoga and Enya, let the reception know that you’d like a quiet massage. After every massage with Mark I’m blissed out and relaxed beyond belief. He was able to immediately (in the first minute) point out an area of tightness before he even began the massage.

Definitely head over to OM Spa – so worth it!

Kat K. Richmond Hill ON. 9/26/2014

Now I haven’t been visited many spas – but Om wins me over on so many levels – but for me they really are tops for their level of service, quality and ease of access.
I have been doing monthly facials here since June 2014, so I can feel pretty assured in saying that this place is one of the best I have ever been to.

I have done the urban renewal and super hydrating facials, and I have been pretty relaxed and mellow after each facial.

I love the fact that they use Pure + Simple facial products, and they don’t really try and sell you products unless you express an interest in one particular product yourself.  Plus, they do steer you away from services or products if they don’t think they are right for you.

I am also a fan of how they send you a courtesy email reminder two days before your appointment, so you don’t forget. Also  if they do end up having a scheduling conflict they do let you know right away as well as give you alternative appointment dates ready, so you are able to rebook pretty much immediately.

The staff at Om pretty much check all the boxes for me in terms of super star service and anytime you see other clients coming in, you can’t help but notice that all the clients coming in are all fans of the staff and how friendly they all are.

Amina A. Thornhill, ON 9/15/2014

I am very happy with all the treatments I have had so far at the spa, I have had manicures and Pedicures, massages and facial. Each has been an experience in itself, unique with different estheticians or therapist , thank you for making me feel good,

Elaine F. Thornhill, ON 9/4/2014

What a lovely midweek treat –facial was great !
Staff were lovely!
I will be back

Berverley S. Thornhill, ON 8/19/2014

I had a cucumber facial and extraction this past Sunday and I loved it!  My face was glowing afterwards, and is still radiant today.  I recommend this spa highly.  I’ve had other treatments here and I’ve been extremely happy with  absolutely everything. This will now be my go to for facials, and threading, and tinting, and mani pedi’s for sure!!!

Ellen K. Thornhill, ON 8/7/2014

My massage was fantastic. Mark is very knowledgable and I have already booked my next one with him.  Thanks!

Cher A. North York ON, 8/4/2014

I came here for my first microdermabrasion facial and it was fabulous. My technician was amazing. She was very knowledgeable about my skin type and answered all of my questions. She also suggested different products that I could buy. The spa was really nice and clean. The staff were also very welcoming. I will definitely be back to try other services. 🙂

Beverly B. Thornhill, ON 7/28/2014

I loved my treatment.    I always do!!!  I think Meghan is terriffic, and everyone at the spa is soo lovely.  I love the tea too.

Nancy K, Thornhill ON. 7/23/2014

It was a pleasure being in your healthy environment yesterday. What impressed me most was the full scope of health and wellness options that you offer your clients. As a client, I appreciate the non-pushy and comfortable rapport among the staff and your regulars. That was the most impressive thing to me–the trust and genuine happiness I observed. I watched people rushing into the studio and spa stressed but excited to be there, and coming out fully relaxed and blissed out.

Judy H. Thornhill, ON 7/20/2014

One word – wonderful! Rachel is a true professional in every way, and a very pleasant person too.

Thanks for asking. And thanks for the scented oil too.

Agnes P. Thornhill, ON  6/22/2014

Chiropractor and Clinical Acupuncturist Dr. Anthony Chan was great, knowledgeable, multidimensional, and talked me through all the steps we were taking.

Anita G. Richmond Hill ON, 6/17/2014

For the record, Mark was excellent and I will definitely come back and see him again.

Caitlyn G. Thornhill, ON 6/3/2014

Thank you again for having our bridal party of 8 on Saturday. Everyone loved the treatments they received and personally I loved that it was a package price with a variety of options. I really appreciate you being so flexible with our additional guests and with always being so easy to contact through email. The staff were incredibly friendly and this certainly won’t be my last visit to this location.

Sara S. Thornhill, ON 5/19/2014

Hi girls,

Just wanted to reach out and extend some serious gratitude your way for loving me yesterday. I feel amazing, hairless and clean.

Have an amazing day!

Paula C. Markham, ON 05/02/2014

I have had many services at OM spa and loved every one! Mark is a knowledgeable and great RMT along with acupuncture treatment. Jacquie gave me the most relaxing and enjoyable facial I’ve ever had plus she was so knowledgeable to recommend products for my skin type. Rachel is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable getting waxed as I am not great with pain but the wax they use and technique was painless and didn’t leave me red. Heather and Emily have always been so great ….fitting in my appointments with my schedule. Last but not least Cathy is a fabulous Osteopath, I always feel so much better after my treatments with her. Plus I love the yoga studio, the studio and spa have been my home away from home for almost 2 years

Lesley K. Vaughan, ON 05/02/2014

A luxurious week of pampering! A fabulous facial which is the best I town! A wonderful relaxation massage and a manicure to finish of the best week ever!

Thank you to the beautiful staff at O&M Spa who simply fantastic !

Poornima K. Thornhill, ON 04/23/2014

Hi Heather and staff,

It was great!

What I appreciated above ALL else was how your spa values allowing a client to fully enjoy the experience, without being expected to talk or chat. When I go for a spa treatment, I want to zone out and enjoy the experience, not make friends with the esthetician or make her time go by more enjoyably with lively conversation. I don’t want to receive feedback during any treatment, unless it’s absolutely necessary and certainly do not want to be asked anything unless it is pertinent. My esthetician Megan was very intuitive and kept all chatting to a minimum, which i appreciated.

Additionally, because my beautiful esthetician Megan honoured this/my need for silence, I am much more likely to keep returning and ask my husband for an OM Spa gift card every Christmas. And I can easily be loyal to her as well.

Merrill B. Markham, ON 04/23/2014

I’m a regular client at OM and love them. They are incredibly clean and always provide great treatments.

Mark M. Thornhill, ON 04/22/2014

Ana the Massage Therapist was awesome. She has a very knowledgeable and confident touch, communicates verbally and physically with a high degree of effectiveness, and is both genuine and intuitive as a health practitioner. The body is not a predictable machine and requires a practitioner who is aware that while no one holds all knowledge, there is sufficient existing knowledge to apply to accelerate the healing process. Ana is definitely not an average RMT, and is a very valuable asset to your team. My shoulder already felt better going in to teach class, though I knew not to push it. Looking forward to my next appointment next month.

Amanda P. Thornhill, ON 04/20/2014

Just finished an extreme clean facial with Rachel and wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment. Rachel, you did such an amazing job and noticeably put effort into all the little extra comforts – it was wonderful!

Rosie T. Thornhill, ON 04/16/2014

I really enjoyed my pedi mani. The Spa is wonderful. Lovely staff and great service. Certainly coming back for all my spa needs.

Susan R. Markham, ON 04/06/2014

I’ve now had manicures ( both regular and shellac), pedicures and facials ( had the Pure and Simple yesterday) at Om Spa and all have been amazing. The staff are fabulous, knowledgeable and couldn’t be friendlier. It’s such a clean and welcoming atmosphere. This is now my “go to” spa and I look forward to trying other treatments that they offer.

Julie U. Vaughan, ON 04/01/2014

Had a great experience at the salon this weekend. Emily was amazing and did a great job on my pedicure. Very happy with my first experience and I will be back again.

Sue V. Thornhill, ON 03/09/2014

Thanks Emily and Rachel for the fabulous manicures! You always do a stellar job! And thanks Megan for my first eyebrow threading. Holly V. and I Love Om Spa!

Ericka N. Thornhill, ON 02/09/2014

Between the serene location, the free parking and the amazing staff-its safe to say that this may be the best kept secret in Thornhill. Love the crew and the range of services they offer! If you haven’t tried it yet… well there is no time like the present!!

love yourself from the inside out or outside in but love yourself – a little yoga, a little manicure goes a long way to making for a happy and balance life!!

Thank you OM Spa

Vivian D. Richmond Hill, ON 2/2/2014

Today I went for my first ever massage!

I was gifted a wayspa gift card and chose this location for a 60 minute Relaxation Massage.

I had the aesthetician Rachel and told her it was my first massage experience. She made me feel really comfortable and did not cut my hour short despite us starting late (my fault). I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to come back for more spa services in the future.

They have a different spa service special everyday of the week and this is inside a Moksha Yoga studio so it’s a perfect treat after a sweat session!

Joanne A. Thornhill, ON 01/25/2014

Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing experience and atmosphere friendly. I will definitely head back there again soon.

Howard T. Vaughan, ON 01/15/2014.

I have been undergoing some therapy with Cathy the Osteopath and she’s quite outstanding. Within basically one appointment she solved a very annoying leg pain problem that had really made enjoying my vacation (prior to seeing her) difficult. My daughter, also helped by her, made an appt for me while we were away when she heard about my leg pain! Absolutely fantastic!

Cathi B. Thornhill, ON 01/09/2014

I am a convert to Thai massage! I was willing but hesitant to switch from my old familiar RMT massages but since the OM Spa offered such a great Boxing Week sale on services, I decided to try a Thai massage as I had heard positive things about them. And it is true. I loved my massage with Heather and will be going back for another!

Debbie M. Toronto, ON 12/13/2013

I love this spa. First of all its located in a Moksha yoga centre, so the atmosphere is chill and welcoming. I’ve had 2 diiferent facials and a pedicure all done by Rachel (Aesthetician extraodinnaire),and they were amazing! My pedi lasted almost 5 weeks with no chips and i literally fell asleep at my last facial! They carry Pure and Simple which is all natural and which has done wonders on my poor dry face! Book a service here. You can’t go wrong!

Mille C.G. Thornhill, ON 12/27/2013

OM Spa is the greatest – since I discovered this wonderful place to pamper myself, I have not even considered going elsewhere! The atmosphere is quiet, peaceful, healing and the people who work there (I generally see Rachel), are friendly and provide excellent, skilled services.

Carl W. Thornhill, ON 12/21/2013

OMG, best way to finish a friday – a facial followed by a Thai massage. this was amazing and so so relaxing. This is a must do for anyone looking to de-stress pre or post holidays or anytime.

Debra D. Thornhill, ON 12/18/2013

I had a great experience at OM Spa, they give great pedicures!

Jessica R. Thornhill, ON 12/18/2013

Had a great pedicure and facial last night! so relaxing!

Neetu M. Thornhill, ON 12/13/2013

Had a wonderful Thai yoga massage last week!

Chetana C. Thonrhill, ON 12/12/2013

Another lovely spa day at Om spa yesterday! Now have “Santa hat red” toes to get the festive season going! Great massage too! Thanks Emily, Mark, Heather & the gang

Ariana A. Thornhill, ON 11/21/2013

Best spa day ever! Was a perfect, quiet, first experience here

Sam G. Thonrhill. ON 11/18/2013

I have been to OM Spa for 2x now, and I absolutely love their services, awesome facials and massages. Thank you!

Karen S. Thornhill, ON 10/04/2013

Hi Everyone! I have had another amazing manicure and pedicure with Rachel yesterday. Om Spa provides such a warm, welcoming environment and for myself, I love being greeted by Heather, and I love the care and thoughtfulness Rachel puts into my treatments! HUGE TIP that I have followed from Rachel is to use the CND cuticle oil every single night. This product should be flying off the shelves!!!!!! I’m giving this as a stocking stuffer to all my girlfriends for Christmas!!!!! Thank you for the tip Rachel!!!

Janet G. Thornhill, ON 10/17/2013

Great pedicure yesterday! Personalized service is really outstanding at OM!

Marla M. Thornhill, ON 10/22/2013

Emily best facial ever! Mery the Mirco Queen!! Heather thank you for making the environment awesome

Doris F. Thornhill, ON 10/25/2013

Once again an absolutely divine experience at om spa! thank you Jacquie for your warmth, gentle loving attention. I left feeling blissed out. Relaxation massage followed by my first facial in over a year, first time no blemishes, no reactions, just pure glow and purky feeling. I’m looking forward to my massage and wax today. Can’t wait!

Karen S. Thornhill, ON 09/18/2013

Om Spa is is beautiful spa where you are greeted by name and where your treatment is carefully done in a beautiful environment. A beautiful experience!

Brooke M. Thornhill, ON 10/28/2013

Three words….Rachel Is Amazing!

Karyn W.S. Thornhill, ON 09/06/2013

Yes – LOVE Om Spa! A real spa experience in a cozy, welcoming and caring environment!

Elyse W. Vaughn, ON 09/04/2013

I’ve been to Om Spa twice and I’m looking forward to many more wonderful services that Om offers. The staff are lovely, atmosphere is so relaxing and the services are done with perfection! I brought my 16 year old daughter and we had a lovely time together – chatting and enjoying tea.

Donna V. Thornhill, ON 08/30/2013

Had a great shellac mani pedi at OmSpa with Jacqueline. Looking forward to going again and bringing my daughter too.

Doris F. Thonrhill, ON 08/25/2013

I experienced a fabulous treatment at Om Spa. I loved the staff’s enthusiasm, the studio/spa vibe overall and while I’m back in Toronto I now know where i’ll be recieving my waxing, facials and extra bonus smiles! Thanks Heather, Jackie and team! See you soon! Do and it’s done

Tina S. Thornhill, ON 07/20/2013

Even 3 year olds love their Om Spa Mani/pedi!

Tina T. Thornhill, ON 08/17/2013

I have visited Om Spa on three occasions (once for a massage, twice for a facial) and I LOVED my experience!

To say I felt incredibly pampered and floated out of the spa afterwards would be an understatement.

The spa is very clean and the products they use are products that are top notch and natural. I am someone who not only purchases my at-home skin-care products from the health food store but I am also one who meticulously reads ingredient lists to make sure the product has no nasty chemicals or the like in it.

Needless to say, Om Spa’s product line is great, with natural ingredients and sensitive-skin friendly.

The staff are really friendly, lovely and professional too and they make it easy for me to make self-nurturing a regular practice because the services are affordable. Another plus towards this end is the fact that they have mini-services, where you can fit in an express treatment if you are, like me, limited in time during the week.

Belinda L. North York, ON 08/13/2013

I’m a germ freak, and this place is so clean! The staffs are all so friendly and professional. I came on a Tuesday and they happen to have a Tuesday mani/pedi combo special ($42 only!). I’m definitely coming back for their mani, padi and other services 🙂

Monica D. Richmonhill, ON 07/26/2013

Had an amazing facial yesterday with Maria. She has magical hands and provided excellent recommendations for my skin. Did a moksha class followed by a facial.. what a terrific way to spend an afternoon!

Cindy S. Thornhill, ON 07/22/2013

The Flash Facial I had yesterday was wonderful. Can’t wait to have the full treatment. Thanks to Emily

Anita G. Richmonhill, ON 05/31/2013

Emily was so professional and a total perfectionist with my nails. We did shellac (her suggestion) to ensure no chips between now and Saturday. The
facial was absolutely heavenly and her technique I feel was top notch. I love the neck/shoulder/arm massage she did towards the end as well – it just made for a perfectly balanced treatment and I left feeling really good and totally relaxed. “Blissed out!” As you say, lol.

Thank you for setting me up with her. In future I plan on coming for more treatments and I will do RMT massage as well to take advantage of my insurance coverage. I may also switch from Origins to Dermaologica, I was telling Emily (she gave me some samples). I’m really concerned about anti-aging and I think it sounds like a great

Thanks very much for arranging a wonderful spa treatment before my big day.

Jennifer M. Thornhill, ON 05/15/2013

I had an amazing time yesterday. Emily was absolutely fantastic! not only did I thoroughly enjoy my treatments, but I loved just sitting back and chatting about nonsense as I was getting pampered 😛

Thank you so much for a really lovely day. I felt renewed and refreshed when I got home.

Sue V.Thornhill, ON 05/21/2013

You’ve asked for feedback, so let me start with receiving your email. This is a terrific way to follow up with your new clients to see if there is anything you could have done to make their experience better. Nicely done!

My daughter was visiting this long weekend and I suggested that she give you a try and get a pedicure. Like me, she was most impressed the entire spa experience.

There is a lovely feel about your place—and it’s not just from the building, albeit very nice, it’s the warm and friendly staff, starting with the first phone call with Emily.
Then there was Tammy who was so welcoming and who took the time to proudly show me around the facilities after giving me a beautiful French manicure. On my second visit I had the pleasure of meeting Heather—again, a warm welcome from her. I was already happy to spread the word about the spa, but to be given gift certificates to pass out to friends to make it easier for women to experience your services was over the top.
Thanks a bunch. I also met the lovely Kayt this past Sunday and I can’t wait to get her hands on me. I so appreciate the small touches such as being offered tea and having nail polish and hand cream samples to purchase. You know what they say, “Love is in the details.” I can go to a number of nail places in Thornhill and I have, but for me it’s not just about the manicure, it’s about the experience.
If I am going to invest an hour out of my busy day, I want to feel cared for, pampered, and a connection with the person serving me. I have finally found a place in my neighborhood that fits the bill.

Well done and thank you!!!

Nancy P Thornhill, ON 5/13/2013

I enjoyed my express pedi and it was quiet and relaxing compared to many other places I have been. I will be returning regularly and appreciate the free yoga passes I was given. We will be attending on Wednesday evening to try out the vinyasa class.

Thanks again and a great concept you have with the spa services.

Brooke M Thornhill, ON 05/14/2013

Amazing spa….super friendly staff and the facility is incredibly clean. The staff do an incredible job; they take their time and ensure that the customer is satisfied, relaxed, and happy. Every time I go, I love the fact that I can relax there and not feel rushed like in cheaper nail salons and I am always guaranteed to have a great experience there!

Suyin J Thornhill, ON 5/13/2013

Another amazing 90 minutes to sort out my tight tight muscles. .. thanks Kayt. .. if you need a massage therapist, look no further, Kayt is great!

Guiliana L Toronto, ON 5/11/2013

I visited Om Spa yesterday for a pedicure and loved it! The staff were super nice and very welcoming. Emily did my pedi and she was awesome. My pedi included fancy essential oils in the water, a foot scrub AND callous removal, and a thorough massage. No shortcuts here! The spa’s atmosphere is relaxing (much more so than cheap nail salons where you’re often rushed out) but not at all snooty or pretentious like some spas in the city. The locations is great, maybe even dangerous as I live only five minutes away. I will definitely be back!

Rachel J Toronto, ON 5/11/2013

It is always a good day when I have the luxury of taking a yoga class, but it’s a fantastic day when I get to add a little pampering into the experience. I have had several treatments at Om spa, manicures, pedicures and most recently eyelash extensions. I have visited many different types of spas, from the cheap and cheerful nail salon to the high end overnight spa retreat, and I think Om Spa hits an amazing balance. Prices are affordable yet the setting is serene, comfortable and very clean. Location is great, ample parking and easy access to yoga too! However what really makes this place great is the team. The girls are great; friendly and good at what they do.

Jennifer K. Markham, ON 24/10/2012

Om Spa is located inside Moksha Yoga Thornhill.
What’s better or more zen and relaxing than having a Thai Yoga Massage after a vigorous yoga practice? And you don’t even need to leave the building!
Om Spa has other services that is standard as other spas I have been to: Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, Facials and even a half day spa packages!
Yoga, Spa, Yoga, Spa.. I can do that everyday!

Chad A. Thornhill, ON 1/10/2013

Amazing place! Kind and helpful staff, gave me one of the most relaxing days of my life. Will definitely be a regular customer!

Brett M. Toronto, ON 30/10/2012

Generally speaking, I am not the guy who goes online to write about where he gets a pedicure but here we are. I only post places that I give 5 stars and this gets 5 stars. The people were great as was the pedicure. It had all the qualities of a beautiful spa but none of the pretention and definitely better pricing. The atmosphere was social but also respectful – I like to be welcomed but left alone. But others like to engage – I found they managed both perfectly.

Nina G. Thornhill, ON 12/20/2012

Perfect place!!! Very quiet and clean, relaxing atmosphere, not smell badly like in many places, staff is friendly. I got manicure and pedicure shellac, and eyebrow waxing and was extremely satisfied of service. They also cared about my 4 month old baby while I was waxed! Thanks for great job!
I highly recommend this place to everyone!

Mary G. C. Toronto, ON 1/26/2013

I went to Om Spa to get a pedicure and loved it! I loved the atmosphere, the great and friendly staff. The waiting area was a nice place to sit, relax and enjoy your tea. My pedicure was amazing and would definitely come back or recommend this place to my friends. It’s been about two weeks and my toes still look great! Thank you Om Spa!